Shape Key Utils

All Utilities can be found in the Bake Tab.

Set Shape Key Slider Range

This is a very useful tool that allows to quickly set the slider ranges of all shape keys on all registered objects. The default slider range of a Shape Key is [0,1]. By changing these values you can quickly enhance the quality of your shape keys in motion.
You can choose to set ranges on the Target Shapes, a selected Shape Key or all available shape keys. Respectively you can choose to set slider ranges on the all selected objects, all registered objects or only the active object.

Double the shape keys

By extending the slider range to negative values, you can quickly double the range of motion of your character. E.g the shape browInnerUp at -1 corresponds to an expression brow inner down. The ARKit Control Rig allows for negative values and values past [-1, 1] (e.g. [-2, 2] or [0, 2]).

Reorder shape keys (ARKit)

This tool allows to reorder the (ARKit) shape keys. Depending on your application it might be of importance how the shape keys are ordered. You can reorder them to ARKit Native, Face Cap or Live Link Face ordering. The Shape will be ordered above any other shape keys on your objects (starting from index 1). If your objects do not have all of the 52 required shape keys, the reordering will obviously not work, as some indices are missing.

Face Cap Live

Face Cap Live mode is the only utility that needs the correct Face Cap indices to work properly. The setup operators will attempt to automatically reorder the shape keys.

Generate Test Action

If you did not check the Test Action option in the bake operator, you can always do it later by using this operator. Faceit will generate an action for your character, that allows you to easily see the new shape keys in motion. Simply press play or scrub the timeline!

Rig Utils

This panel bundles rigging utilities beyond the regular Faceit rigging process for expression creation.

Quickly merge the Faceit rig with a complex armature.

Join to Body (Destructive)

This operator allows to join the Faceit (Rigify) armature to any body armature. The most important thing to note is, that the operator will automatically merge the weights of both armatures. The resulting rig can directly be used for regular keyframe animation.


The merge operation is destructive. It won't be possible to use the 'back to landmarks' operator or re-bind the Faceit weights. You should only proceed if you are happy with the bone placement and weights. It's still possible to generate and bake expressions.

Quickly merge the Faceit rig with a complex armature.

Export Problems

Joining the complex Rigify bone structure from the Faceit rig into other armatures can cause problems during export or later down the pipeline when used in game engines. Make sure to save a copy and run some tests.

Full support for Auto Rig Pro armatures. Faceit bones will receive an ARP custom tag if joined to an ARP armature

Finalize (Destructive)


The Finalize operators will remove the non-destructiveness of the Faceit workflow. Execute them only if you are happy with your shape keys and want to remove the traces of the rigging process.

Even if you have a good feeling about the shape keys that you created, you should test them in motion first! With the Cleanup Objects operator you can remove unneeded data from individual objects. Tthe Cleanup All operator will remove all traces of the Faceit process of the current scene.

Cleanup the scene if you want to remove all traces of the rigging process and reset all Faceit properties.


Apply Modifier (with Shape Keys)

Sometimes it's important to remove a modifier from certain objects. For example: Mirror modifiers have to be removed before starting the Faceit process, because they prevent the shape keys from working as expected after baking. This operator allows you to remove modifiers even though there are shape keys on the objects. Shape keys will be preserved!