Bake shape keys

The operator Bake shape keys will bake the deformation of all Faceit expressions into individual shape keys.
Next to the deformation from the FaceitRig Armature and Corrective shape keys, the bake operator does allow a range of deformation sources, including non-generative modifiers, shape keys, other Armatures and even transformations.

Bake all Expressions into shape keys on all registered Meshes!

Non-Destructive (Back To Rigging)

The Bake operator is completely non-destructive. You can bake the expressions into shape keys test them in motion and return to editing expressions or rig by the click of a button.
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Options (Bake)

Bake Operator Options
All options available in the bake operator are optional. The resulting shape keys

  1. Use Corrective shape keys
    • Bake the deformation from the corrective Sculpting into the final shape keys.
    • Corrective shape keys have a format of "faceit_cc_{EXPRESSION}", where EXPRESSION is the target expressions name.
  2. Generate Test Action
    • Generate a Test Action to view the final shape keys. The action will hold a single keyframe for each Shape Key created with Faceit (each every 10 frames).
    • Hit play to see the shapes in motion or click through the expression list.
  3. Initialize ARKit/A2F Shapes
    • If this option is enabled Faceit will attempt to automatically populate the Target Shapes list with standard values.
  4. Use all available shape keys (Experimental)
    • You can use any Shape Key on the registered objects to enhance the look of all expressions.
    • If this option is enabled, Faceit will bake the deformation of all Shape Key values (not only the corrective sculpting).
  5. Use Other Armatures (Experimental)
    • Use other Armature Modifiers to deform the mesh.
    • You can use Auto Rig Pro, Blen Rig or custom armatures together with the Faceit Rig to create expressions.
  6. Use Other Transformations (Experimental)
    • Some objects are not bound to an armature via an Armature Modifier, but parented below a bone instead. If this option is enabled Faceit will try to bake parent transformations into shape keys.

You can generate a test action to see the shape keys on all objects. You can still use the expression list.

Back to Rigging

The Bake process is non-destructive, which means that if you are unhappy with your resulting shape keys, you can still return to rigging or edit the expressions by the press of a button.

The Back to Rigging operator will restore the FaceitRig, the Bind Weights, the Expressions and the Corrective shape keys!

Quickly and non-destructively iterate between baked shape keys and rigging/animating the expressions.


Going back will remove the generated shape keys and clean the ARKit Shapes list. You can quickly regenerate them by baking again.