Target Shapes

Faceit provides a target shapes list for both the 52 ARKit shape keys as well as the 46 Audio2Face shape keys. All motion capture operators browse the respective lists when importing captured motions. The Target Shapes List is a powerful retargeting tool. It provides the "Source" Shapes and the respective "Target" shapes for each available engine (ARKit, Audio2Face). Before any of the Mocap functionalities can be used, the respective list has to be populated. It doesn't matter if you created the required expressions with Faceit or by other means.

Multiple Target Shapes

You can even specify multiple Target Shapes for one Source Shape (e.g. CheekBlow_L and CheekBlow_R as Target Shapes cheekPuff).

Register both Audio2Face expressions and ARKit expressions at the same time and use both engines in combination.

Find Target Shapes (Initialize)

The Find Target Shapes operator will search all available shape keys on all registered Objects to find the best matching Target Shape for each ARKit Source Shape. A Similarity Ratio (default 1.0) can be used for futty name detection. A lower value ratio means that the operator will also find Shape names with less similarity. This is useful when the shape keys on your character are named remotely similar to the ARKit names.
When the list is not already initiated, the Smart Match operator is named Initialize.

Use the Smart Match operator to automatically populate the target shapes

Add multiple Target Expressions to one Source Shape

The Reset operator is used to reset all target shape values with one click.

Presets (Export/Import)

With the Export operator you can export your personal target shapes list to be used as a preset for later usage or on other characters. This is very useful if you have a bunch of characters with the same set of shape keys and you don't want to invest the time to specify all target shapes every time. Popular presets will be implemented into Faceit and can be loaded automatically.

Load Presets or export/import your own FACS retargeting schemes. Red list entries can't be found on registered objects.

Load popular presets fast.

Face Regions

Each source shape is associated with a specific facial region. The regions can be used to filter animation curves upon import. You can edit the face regions to your individual needs.

Quickly filter the target shape list by assigned regions.

Change the assigned regions to individual needs.

List Order and Naming (ARKit only)

For convenience you can change the display names of the Source Shapes to either standart ARKit ordering/names or Face Cap ordering/names. This has no effect on the functionality of any of the Faceit Utilities. The specified order and naming can be applied to the chosen target shape keys on all registered object. The results may be unexpected if you specified multiple target shapes per source shape or if the target shapes are distributed over several objects. If there are other shape keys (e.g. corrective shape keys) on the registered objects then they will shifted behind the ARKit target shapes.

Reorder and Rename Target shape keys quickly!