Welcome to the Faceit Documentation

Faceit is a Blender Add-on that assists you in creating complex facial expressions for arbitrary 3D characters.

An intuitive, semi-automatic and non-destructive workflow guides you through the creation of facial shape keys that are perfectly adapted to your 3D model's topology and morphology, whether it’s a photorealistic human model or a cartoonish character. You maintain full artistic control while saving a ton of time and energy.

With Faceit you can ready your character model for high quality Animation in minutes!

Save Weeks of Work!

Deprecated: Find the old documentation for version 1.3.3 and above here.

Rain Character - blendshapes and Capture done with Faceit (Rain Rig © Blender Foundation)

New Versions (Faceit 1.5 + 2.0)

Two brand new versions of Faceit have been released!
Read on below, to learn more about the differences between the two versions.
Check the What's New? page for a detailed overview of the new features included in both versions.

This manual provides in-depth information on how to receive best results for your project.

Faceit 1.5 - Dedicated ARKit Toolset

Version 1.3.3 is upgraded to 1.5.x and the new version exceeds the old one in almost any aspect! I am happy to share the new features as a free update with former customers. Version 1.5 will remain a dedicated ARKit toolset and the creation of expressions is limited to the 52 ARKit expressions.

  • Semi-automatically create the 52 ARKit shape keys in an intuitive rigging and animation process.
  • Create a full fledged slider based control rig to animate the shape keys.
  • Load or stream motion capture animations to the control rig or directly to the shape keys!
  • Interfaces for various apps included.

Faceit 2.0 - Unlimited Expressions

Faceit 2.0 is dedicated to professionals who need to create shape keys beyond the 52 ARKit expressions. It allows to create, export and import custom expressions. Share your custom expressions with other users or team mates. Faceit will come with a number of expression presets, that will be expanded over time. You can share your custom expression presets as content packs.

  • Create, import and export custom expressions! Reorder, add or remove expressions by the press of a button!
  • Choose from a number of presets shipped with Faceit. (Presets will be expanded over time)
  • All workflows are fully compatible with custom expressions. Amplifying, posing, non-destructive sculpting, etc.
  • Tongue Movements, Visemes, FACS, or whatever it is that you always missed among Faceit expressions. You can now create it!
  • Create complex blendshape models with 600+ expressions! No problem!