FBX Retargeting

The FBX Retargeter is a powerful tool that let's you use any kind of Shape Key action on any kind of target object. Usually, when two characters have unmatching Shape Key names, you won't be able to play the animation on both.

Retarget any kind of Shape Key Action to other objects with shape keys!

  • Step-by-Step
    • Choose Source
    • Choose Target
    • Create Mapping
    • Retarget Actions


Choose either a Source Action or a Source Object with shape keys.


Choose the target shape keys. You can either use all registered objects or a specific object with shape keys.

Initialize List

Auto Matching

bake Remove Prefixes or Suffixes from the Shape Key names for a quick automatic match.

Retarget Action

Finally an Action can be retargeted based on the Retargeting List initialized earlier. The operator will attempt to find the Shape Key data paths in the specified Source Action and replace the names with the Target Shapes specified.

bake Retarget an Action based on the retargeting list.

Options (Retarget Action)

  1. Source Action
    • Choose an Action from the Source Action Dropdown.
    • All Shape Key Actions in the .blend file will be available.
    • You shouldn't choose Actions for different objects, as they can't be processed based on the initialized retargeting list.
  2. Add Suffix
    • Add a Suffix to the new Actions name.
  3. New Action Name
    • The final name of the new action. Can also be overwritten.
  4. Keep Undetected FCurves
    • Keep Animation Fcurves, that can't be found in the target shapes.