FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


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Can I use Faceit with Auto-Rig Pro or Rigify etc.?

Yes, whether your character is already bound to an armature or you want to rig it afterwards, you can use Faceit without loosing any of that data.

Does Motion Capture really only work with Apple devices!?

Yes... ARKit face capturing (former Faceshift software) is closed source and exclusive to Apple Devices with True Depth Cameras. Please, let me know of alternative frameworks!

Can I use Faceit for capturing only?

Yes! Simply register the objects in SETUP tab and skip directly to the capture utilities in BAKE tab. You should have a range of FACS based shape keys on your character (ideally similar to the 52 ARKit shapes).

Will it work with any character?

Faceit will be able to process any character that does meet the prerequisites mentioned in Important Reads. If you're sure that your character fulfils the prerequisites and it still does not work, than please contact me. I am actively developing Faceit and I will try to fix it!

Even animals and one eyed robots!?

I'd say yes to both, but it requires some knowledge on rigging and weighting! As the deformation is based on an armature you can customize everything on your own. Use for hard surface objects is not intended, but possible. With very stylized humanoids like animals you might have to put more work into editing the individual expressions, but it is possible too.

Do I have to know rigging and animation?

Yes (at least the basics). Faceit will try to do it for you, but for optimum results, you might have to clean some weights as in any other rigging process. You should know how to pose an armature to be able to tweak the generated expressions. See the tips and tricks if rigging and weighting in Blender is new to you.

Can I still model or sculpt?

Yes, in version 2.0 you can non-destructively sculpt on top of any expression. Read more

Face Cap Live is laggy?

There are multiple factors that contribute to the quality and speed of realtime animation in the viewport!
Please read section 4.5 for some tips on how to improve performance.
If nothing helps, please get in contact. I might be able to help you!

What if Faceit produces Crap?

There is no magic involved here! Every complex tool has its limits! If you think that you provided perfect geometry and did everything right and you want to be on the save side, then simply contact me for help. I am always curious myself, how to improve binding and how to account for every possible geometric composition.

How do I know if the ARKit expressions look good?

There is no easy answer to that. You can check the references provided by Apple in the ARKit Documentation. I like to test my expressions in motion before putting too much effort into the details. Remember that you can go back and forth non-destructively between rigging and animation/capturing.

Edit the mouthClose expression?

mouthClose expression is the inverse of JawOpen and is probably the most complex to do by yourself. It is not supposed to be edited by you, because it will be overwritten on bake anyways. If you want to edit the mouthClose expression then I would recommend doing it after baking via sculpt or modeling tools.
After baking activate only the jawOpen and mouthClose shape keys (slider to max value) and then you will be able to edit the mouthClose expression.