What's New?

Version 1 & 2

All features below are included in both Faceit 1.5 and Faceit 2.0! You can read all about custom expressions and expression presets, limited to version 2.0+, here.

1. Rigging Without Compromise

The rigging workflow has been revised (in and out)! You can now process characters that are already bound to other Armatures (facial and/or body rigs), have shape keys or even Drivers without loosing any of that precious data!

  • Process any character and keep the Rigs, shape keys, Vertex Groups, Drivers, Modifiers etc.
  • No need for annoying Duplicate Workarounds. The new version will handle everything automatically! No data will be removed at any point in the rigging process!
  • No more splitting of meshes before registration! Faceit will automatically split the meshes on Binding for optimized weighting and join them back together!
  • A new Main Vertex Group is used to determine which part of the character is the main face.
  • New Option to use an existing Rigify Rig, instead of creating and binding the Faceit Armature.

2. Non-Destructive Sculpting!

Combine the power of both rigging and sculpting techniques to create any kind of facial expression! In the new version you will be able to non-destructively sculpt on top of any expression pose! You can push your expression to the limit by sculpting in layers of details that wouldn't be possible with just regular posing. The corrective sculpting feature will work on all meshes and all expressions!

  • Bring your expressions to the next level with corrective sculpting!
  • No need for tedious bone posing or nerve wracking weight painting.
  • Sculpt in wrinkles to add realism to your expressions and bring personality to your character.
  • Sculpting is fully compatible with the non-destructive workflow of Faceit! Easily fix a pose and rebake while keeping your animations!
  • A new Amplify Feature allows to interactively scale any expression to your characters dimensions!
  • You can use any type of deform modifier to modify expressions and bake it's effect into the shapes. You can even use other Armatures (ARP, BlenRig, or your custom Rigs) to bake poses into new shape keys.

4. Revised ARKit Workflow

The ARkit Motion Capture workflow is completely redesigned! No more need to reorder the shape keys, or even to stick to a naming scheme! A powerful ARKit retargeting list will handle the retargeting of any ARKit performance capture animation! You can even register multiple target shapes for a specific ARKit expression!

  • Use any FACS based blendshape set similar to the 52 ARKit shapes, by retargeting the recorded values to your custom shapes!
  • Target multiple micro expression shapes for one specific ARKit expression!
  • Load motion capture, amplify motions or animate by control rig, based on the retargeting scheme!
  • Import, Export or Share your retargeting schemes! Included presets for popular FACS based blendshape setups!
  • Smart Names Detection will find the best matching shapes. A fuzziness value can be used to search with lower accuracy. Prefixes and Suffixes can be ignored in auto detection

5. ARKit Control Rig!

The new version comes with a powerful Blendshape Control Rig! You can create the rig based on the same landmarks used when loading the Faceit Rig. No extra work is required for a perfectly adapted Control Rig.

  • Load Control Rig based on the retargeting Scheme!
  • Non-destructively connect, disconnect the rig to your target shapes with smart drivers!
  • Interactively amplify the animation values during animation.
  • Animate negative Shape Key values and double the range of motion of your character by the click of a button!
  • Directly Load Mocap or Keyframe Animations to the Control Rig.
  • You can use Animation Layers, to clean your captured motions or make them more expressive!
  • Smart Bake Actions in less than a second, without loosing any details! You can choose from two bake methods and a variety of options! Fast and Slow method (working for multiple Animation Layers too).

6. (FBX) Shape Key Retargeting

A new retargeting utility has been added, that allows to retarget any Shape Key Action to any character! You can dynamically setup source and target shapes.

  • Load any Action with Shape Key values from the blendfile or directly from an object in the scene!
  • Load a target object with shape keys, or choose all registered Faceit objects.
  • Automatically match source and target shapes, based on a smart name detection! Ignore prefixes and suffixes during auto detection on source and target names!