Expressions 2.0

After the rig is in place and properly bound to your characters geometry, you can now start with the most important step in this process. Creating and adapting the individual facial expressions.

Faceit - Version 2.0 Only

Custom Expressions, as well as Exporting and Importing of Expression Presets, is available in version 2.X only. If you are a user of version 1.X, Faceit will automatically load the ARKit expressions on your character. You can skip directly to the Expression Editing section of this documentation.

Expressions - 2.0

With Faceit 2.0 the expressions creation has been completely redesigned! You can now create custom expressions or load presets and adapt them to your character with a range of powerful tools!
Faceit expression presets will be expanded with coming updates. If you want to share your expression set with the Faceit community you can send it to me and I will consider to include it as a preset. You are free to share your presets with community members for free or sell them as a content pack.

Load Expression Presets

A number of Expression presets are shipped with Faceit. You can load any Faceit preset with the Load Faceit Expressions operator! Presets include the 52 ARKit expressions that are required for the motion capture functionality and the control rig. After loading a preset you can adapt each expression to your character, by posing or sculpting.

Load Faceit Expression Presets quickly!

Options (Load Faceit Expressions)

  1. Expressions:
    • Choose a Preset from the dropdown list. Presets will be expanded over time.
  2. Scale Method:
    • Faceit offers multiple methods to adapt the expression range of motion to your characters dimensions.
    • Auto Scale: this method will compare the current characters dimension to the export characters dimension and scale the loaded expressions by the factor current/export.
      • XYZ: Scale the expression in XYZ world space. (Recommended)
      • Average: Scale the expressions by an average factor on all three axis.
    • Override Scale: Specify XYZ values to scale the expressions in world space
    • No Scale: Load the expressions without changing the range of motion.
  3. Scale Eye Dimensions:
    • If this is enabled, Faceit will scale all eyelid motion according to the current characters eye dimensions. (Recommended)
  4. Load Method:
    • Append: Append the expressions to the list, at last index.
    • Override: Override the current expressions. The list will be cleared before loading the new expressions.

Create Custom Expressions

Create Custom Expressions by the click of a button. They will work similar to any other expression. Of course, newly created custom expressions need to be posed from scratch. You should choose a descriptive name for your expression in this step. The name will be the same as the final Shape Key baked added to your meshes.

Auto Mirror Custom Expressions

Faceit will offer to automatically mirror your expression if you add a suffix of _L, _R or left, right to the expression name.

Create Custom Expressions to be baked as new shape keys

Export Expression Sets

Expression sets can be exported and shared at any point in the creation process. You can use this feature to share custom shape keys with other characters within in your production or sell your custom expression sets as Faceit content packs! Exported expression sets are saved with a .face file extension. Exported expressions will contain transform keys for all pose bones on layers 1,2,3 and respectively the keys for all pose bone constraints.

Export Expression Data to .face format.

Import Expression Sets

You can import expression sets, created by you or by other users. During Import you can choose to scale all expressions to the dimensions of your character. All contained expressions will be applied to your character and appended to the expression list.

Import Expression Data from .face files.

Options (Import Expression Sets)

The options for loading custom expression sets are identical to the Load Faceit Expressions options

Delete Expressions

You can remove single expressions or clear the entire list in one click, by choosing Clear Expressions from the drop down menu.

Clear all Expressions quickly.