Live Link Face (Epic Games)

Wether or not you use the Unreal Engine in your project, you can use the Live Link Face App to record motions as CSV files and retarged these to your character in Blender via Faceit. This presents a quick option to clean a recorded motion in Blender before using it in Unreal.

Read more on Live Link Face here: Recording Facial Animation from an iPhone X

live_face_ue Live Link App - Unreal Engine

Load Recorded Motion (CSV)

Live Link Face exports a .csv file that contains the raw animation data captured by ARKit during the recording. It is stored on the capturing device (e.g. the iPhone) along with a video of the actor. Simply send the saved motion from your device to your computer via Fileshare or Email and load them into your scene via the Faceit UI.


The CSV import functionality is very similar to the TXT import from Face Cap. You can use both apps in combination without a problem!

Import motion data from CSV files directly exported by the Live Link Face app. You can retarget the motion to the Control Rig within the operator.

Options (CSV Import)

  1. Imoprt to new Action
    • If this is enabled, Faceit will create a new Action to hold the new Keyframes.
    • Otherwise you can specify a Shape Key Action from the scene.
  2. Overwrite existing Animation
    • If you choose to import to an existing animation, Faceit will prompt to overwrite the Action. If you choose not to overwrite, Faceit will attempt to merge the Actions, overwriting only the new motions frame range (see start frame option below).
  3. Start Frame
    • Specify a Start Frame for the new animation values. Faceit will overwrite existing animation values in the new motions frame range.
    • If you specify a frame behind the current motion, the new values will be appended to the Action, preserving all current animation.
  4. Bake to Control Rig
    • If the Control Rig has been created, the operator presents the option to directly bake the new animation values onto the sliders.